Localised -6- Services...

The epi-center of these vital 6 services activity is India. As is common knowledge, services can not be provided by machines, Only highly motivated and trained human personnel can provide the complimentary services to the VCM1 and VCM2.
Localization of Services is key to differentiation and innovation. Being nearest to the customer is essential to understand the specific and exacting needs of products & services.
India with its vast technical manpower offers the best infrastructure to develop and provide services for the unique and pioneering Nisiki VCM business model.
Nisiki engineers are constantly shuttling between Singapore, China, USA and India to understand the needs of our customers and provide it in the fastest response time. Each Nisiki member is a Local Service Provider (LSP) rendering one or more of the 6 services.

1. Application Engineering Service

For communicating the logic of price v/s performance benefits ratio of NISIKI supplied product

2. Field Technical Service

For routine maintenance, failure analysis, education of operators

3. Quality Management Service

For reliability of product performance

4. Design & Development Service

For new improvements in price / performance benefits ration.

5. Materials Planning Service

For just-in-time supply of products.

6. Logistics Service

For quotations, negotiations and physical supply of product material @ lowest prices.